Works in progress – Stratford Upon Avon

Starting a new project for a Castle Home of Warwick  .

Full electrical first and second fix of 6 new houses and new block of 4 NO. apartment , communal areas and exterior areas of the building to include the following :

  • Installation of a distribution boards fed from supplier’s electric meters (installed by others) located on the ground floor exterior, cable to each apartment is to utilise purpose -built risers .
  • Installation of lighting and emergency lighting to all areas.
  • Installation of small power to all areas .
  • Installation of power supply to lift isolator, final connection made by others .
  • Installation of EV charging stations.
  • Installation of interlink standalone smoke alarms to each house/apartment .
  • Installation of a fire alarm system within communal area to apartment block
  • Installation of intruder alarm system
  • Installation of free issue AV and intercom cabling , final connections to be made by others , schematic diagrams will be provided by specialist