Avon Heights Apartments

Full electrical first and second fix of a new block of 7 No. apartment, communal areas and exterior areas of the building
to include the following:

  • Installation of a distribution boards fed from supplier’s electric metres (installed by others) located on the ground floor
    exterior, cable to each apartment is to utilise purpose-built risers.
  • Installation of lighting and emergency lighting to all areas.
  • Installation of small power to all areas.
  • Installation of power supply to lift isolator.
  • Installation of EV charging stations to the car park area, cables are to run from individual apartment distribution boards
    to utilise purpose-built risers and underground ducting (installed by others)
  • Installation of interlink standalone smoke alarms to each apartment.
  • Installation of a fire alarm system within communal area.
  • Installation of free issue AV and Intercom cabling, final connections to be made by others, schematic diagrams will be
    provided by specialist.